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[IP] Life and diabetes (Probs with being organized VS blood sugar?)

Do you think, perhaps, that living life moment-to-moment, without a great
deal of internal organization beyond what external factors provide (school,
work, ect.) is one of the root causes of frustrations with diabetes?

I've had diabetes 3 years now, and I'm a very disorganized person. it comes
from childhood and a great mass of other things - I never learned how to
start a pattern and keep it! When you're not a great patternmaker/keeper,
you get a lot of guilt trips (if you're self-conscious). You don't have the
habit of doing homework, you get guilty about your grades. You don't have
the habit of eating meals vs snacking, you get bad blood sugars -> guilt.

How does one begin this type of important change, at such a point in life?
I'm 19, and a college freshman. Life is disorganized, and I'm disorganized,
but I need to find the stepping stones towards internal organization and a
bit of peace when I look at my sugars on the chart.

Yes, guiilt and bad blood sugars are two different things that people
connect too often. We eat because we get depressed, and we get depressed
because we eat. Yadda yadda. I have felt a lot better about eating because
of the pump, but I still have that disorganized part of me, that is the root
of my discontent.

Please reply, anyone, with similar probs/experience/issues that they
face/are working through/have thoughts about/have techniques that work

-Jeanette Merrell
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