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Re: [IP] Re: Minimed vs. Disetronic -- Which did you pick?

Tom said:
> 3. MiniMed put a much larger investment with me then
> Disetronics did. Meaning they sent me information in
> the mail, videos, etc. While I did not hear a thing
> from Disetronics.

Jack said:
>That's great.  It's good to hear that someone actually appreciates
>unsolicited mail.  Please forward your address as I have many insurance,
>credit card and 2nd mortgage companies that will put a massive
>investment into getting your business

I could be wrong Tom, but I THINK you meant that once you showed interest in
Disetronic it was difficult to get support materials and information from
them? This was not only MY experience when I was researching companies to
decide which pump to go with, but my local pumpers group has had the same
problems getting information from Disetronic (the group tries to present all
of the pump companies to prospective new pumpers without bias).

YMMV, IMHO and all those other neat acronyms.

Todd Merkle
dx'd 81, pumper 9/98 MM507C
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