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[IP] fructosamine vs HB A1C

<<< My question is how can I have a 6.2 glyco and a 325 fructosamine?  My
endo said something about the fructosamine measuring a shorter period of
time....I'm not sure I understand.  Help!>>>

***The HB A1C tests for about 90 days vs. fructosamine which messures for
2 weeks, ***

I am also wondering about this, as one Doctor told me that the HBA1C really
only gives you a reading from a few weeks, the lab also told me this. They
said that most literature tells you 3 months, but that it is not that long.
. I have also heard that if your b/g does not remain high longer than 24
hours...it does not effect your testing much. IS THIS TRUE?
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