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I ditto the comments of most on this thread.  The most important thing
is to figure what your best match would be with.  All three are
excellent and can be chosen purely for selfish reasons, with no fear of
a bad pump.

I 'chose' (actually it was the one my endo was supplying in '93) a D
because of the 2 pumps and waterproofness.  In '94 I unwillingly spent
an hour playing water polo in my bosses pool and would have had a
problem if I weren't absolutely secure in my pump (I only had 'classic'
infusion sets available to me).  I feel that I could hammer nails with
it and have often dropped it on porcelain underwater (I won't say
where).  The service has been excellent, as most have attested for all
pumps, even though I haven't used it in 5 years.  D-USA is in Minnesota
and no one will need to learn Swedish for service, as someone had posted
that MM is in America and so was better for them.  Of no meaning is the
fact that I like the reputation of Swiss fine machinery and have had a
Swiss watch far longer than pumps have been in use.

My next pump will probably be a D, mostly because of inertia and being a
satisfied customer.  I will investigate the others and will make the
best choice available at that time.  I do like the prospect of the
peritoneal shunt better than the MM implant.  I think is will help my
situation better.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Trust those who seek the Truth, doubt those who have found it
 - Socrates
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