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[IP] Root Canal

 I have a serious question. I have to start an emergency root canal
tomorrow and have no idea what to do with the bg's. Will the stress of root
canal raise blood sugars or should I go a little higher bg-wise since I
won't be able to eat much afterwards? Have any of us had a root canal and
how'd they handle bg's?  I'm taking 800 mg Motrin for the pain and it
doesn't seem to effect my bg's. I'm also only eating squishy foods (yum
mashed potatoes!) until this is taken care of since chewing is not fun.

I am blaming my D for the root canal since my tooth shattered when I was
eating beef jerky as a snack instead of a Butterfinger bar <chuckle>:)
I had no problems with a root canal until the dentist pressed on the tooth
to express the pus from the abcess upon which I developed an infection in
my small toe wich was the result of bacteria in the blood lodging there.
This was treated with antibiotics.my blood sugars were fine until the
infection. i doubled my basels and was ok but YMMV the root infection
occurred before i was pumping. every time the tooth was x-rayed its been
fine spot
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