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[IP] Glyco vs. fructosamine

I started pumping in June. At that time my glycos were between 6.2 and
6.5.  I thought that was pretty good on 2 injections a day.  My endo
recommended a fructosamine test be done.  The results were not so
good---325.  He told me that the level should be between 180 and 270.  I
know that my bgs were all over--lows and highs, but I knew that the
average must be ok to get me a 6.2.  My question is how can I have a 6.2
glyco and a 325 fructosamine?  My endo said something about the
fructosamine measuring a shorter period of time....I'm not sure I
understand.  Help!

I love the pump and it seems to be averaging out my bgs.  I had another
fructosamine in September and it was 365(!). Endo says it takes time to
get adjusted to the pump.  I know that my numbers are much more even.
No wide swings. No glyco as my endo thinks a glyco is not a true measure
for me.

I am coming up on another fructo and starting to get concerned.  Anybody
had any experience with this??

Sue Stone
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