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Re: [IP] Minimed vs. Disetronic -- Which did you pick?


My choice between MM and Disetronic was definitely more emotional than
analytical. Either pump will change your life and make control of D much more
manageable and I believe will not only prolong life, but make its quality much
higher with a much lower chance of developing the nasty complications that can
occur long-term. It was actually my reps that made this important decision for
me. Both reluctantly allowed me to "play" with loaner pumps for a couple of
weeks, and both had features that made them attractive. However, the
Disetronic rep continually told me how much better his pump was than the MM
because of the 3-minute delivery cycle and that it can "pump through" minor
tubing occlusions. The MM rep did tell me of all the features of his pump, but
did not do the "comparison" for me. The technical features of the MM507C that
I liked were:

a) Choices of bolus delivery options (i.e. normal, square wave and dual wave).
Also the fact that temporary basal times could be set ahead of time (the
Disetronic H-tron at the time had to be turned off manually, and if I forgot
to turn it off.........)
b) There was no "learning curve" for using the MM (my 8 year-old daughter knew
how to use it with 10 minutes of instruction). I felt that there was alot to
remember with the H-tron.
c) The MM is not waterproof, but this was not a factor for me as I use the
Sof-set QR's and temporarily disconnect  in wet environments.
d) MM's commitment to an eventual "cure" for diabetes....their research has
been leading-edge, and I feel that Disetronic has only recently began to
realize the value in this (it felt like they only wanted my money, but had no
interest in future advancements). Kinda the way I feel about the non-invasive
glucose meters being extremely slow to develop (what would happen if these
companies weren't selling so darned many strips every month???)
e) MM's insurance dept pushed very hard to "convince" my insurance company
that long-term costs would be saved with fewer future diabetes-related
problems if they approved coverage for the pump.

As always, this is IMHO and only reflects my personal experiences.

Todd Merkle
dx'd 81, pumper 9/98 MM507C
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