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Subject: My recent events
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I haven't been actively participating IPer recently, but I received a lot of 
mail a few weeks ago from ya'll and here's what's happened.  
1.  I went to my nurse and made it VERY Clear that I should have been 
informed when they detected a "loss of sensation" in my feet.  He was quite 
apologetic and
swore it would never happen again.
2.  I had a 24 hr pee test come back perfect!!! Yipee,yahoo.  The Accupril's 
3.  I finally complained about my doctor.  I have been increasingly bothered 
by the fact he doesn't seem to know my name and he hasn't seen me since 
before I decided to get a pump (my nurse really does everything).  So, 
another doctor in the practice (who I often deal with) is my new doctor.  
Sara SP's take charge attitude seems to be rubbing off on me.
4.  My A1C was 5.7!!
5.  I went skiing for the first time since starting the pump this summer and 
ended up dropping to 38 after the third run and I didn't feel low at all!  I 
later corrected the rebound and dropped down to 29 about 7 hrs later.  I was 
totally disoriented but apparently told Andrew (the BF) what to do and seemed 
to take charge of the situation even though I don't completely remember it.  
Guess skiing effects me a little different than running on a treadmill!
6.  Got an appointment with a neurologist about my cold, falling asleep feet. 

Anyway, I'm writing this, to thank everyone who offered me advice, support, 
and encouraging me to stick up for myself!  Thank you !!!

xo -Alecia
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