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<< [IP] ??? For Parents of Pumping "Tweens" (Ages 8-12) [long] >>

My   daughter (12)is very social and I know how important it is for her to do
everything her friends do.  We try very hard not to say no on anything social
because of diabetes.  I keep zip lock bags with several rapid sugars, a long
acting carb and a sheet xeroxed from a JDF brochure (title Your are caring
for a child with diabetes, or something close to that) with the hypoglycemia
info highlighted and my cell phone, my husband's pager and all       other
phone numbers on it.  When she goes anyplace I find a responsible adult who
will be there and give them the bag.  She has a pick up and go bag she takes
with the glucometer, rapid sugars, etc. but I like having a second set of
rapid sugars on site.
I figure my daughter's carbs and boluses for her at home, and label
everything in her lunch box with the bolus.  I make it a point to talk with
her about what I'm doing and thinking with the boluses.  When she goes out
she takes my cell phone so she can call and ask about the bolus, but she's
getting more comfortable about  figuring out her own boluses.
When she went on the pump, the company rep (Animas) went in to do an
educational session with the school nurse, which gave me a lot of peace of
Her pump is water proof but she does not wear it in the water.  She is a
diver and gets enough exercise with diving that she does not get high during
a 2 hour practice.  We have not spent days at the pool since she started the
pump in Sept. but I imagine she will connect when she's out of the water and
stick the pump in her cut offs pocket, and disconnect when she's in the
water, with a correction bolus when she gets out.  My niece spent a week on
the beach and she just went back on injections for the week, but I can't
imagine my daughter doing that.  She likes the pump too much.
Finally, with the hormonal changes, insulin requirment changes with exercise,
etc, we really like having several possible basal rate programs.  Maggie's
pump has 4 poss. programs and we are using three of them.
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