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<< [IP] How soon pumping after diagnosis >>

My  daughter Maggie (12) started on the pump last september,  just under 4
months after her diagnosis.    We would have started about a month earlier
but were waiting for an Animas pump.  I think it works out fine once you have
enough experience with insulin injections that you can go back to that if you
have a problem (we have not had to do that).  When kids are new to the
diabetic schedule, it is SO hard, and they are very motivated to do anything
that will get them back closer to what to them is still the normal schedule.
I think if we'd  waited until Maggie was used  to the  diabetic schedule, she
might have resisted the  pump more because of the body image, external device
issues.  Now she loves it and has fewer lows.  We have been all over the
place with hormones and the honeymoon but I find it easier to make changes
with the pump than with injections.  Good luck.
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