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[IP] Sound Like A Flu to you?

Hi Friends:  We have been pumping for 3 months and our son is 4.5.  We
are doing so much better these last couple months and have been in
target most days...I would say at least 90% of the time.

Well...just to throw me for a loop last Wednesday our son had
tummy-trouble and trotted once to the bathroom.  I was concerned, but
waited to see what would follow.  Nothing but a sore stomach, but then
came the high bgs!  He looked very pale, and I would have normally
thought he was LOW.  I got the high down to a target level...then it
came back up again a couple hours later!  SPent the night chasing a few
high numbers.  Thursday he was still not himself, very whiny and pale,
but the highs were still there...Chased them up and down for the day.
Same on Friday and trip to bathroom once again (just once though!)
Numbers went up and down like a yo yo. I even changed the set thinking
maybe something was up there.  But ran up a high and I chased it back.
Then around 3am, I checked (*yawn*) and he was heading low...Now it is
Saturday and we are having more lows than mormal numbers! Some numbers
in range but a few lows, not bad ones though.  No highs at all!

So...my question for you pros is whether you think maybe we experienced
a flu of some sort and whether today his body is still playing with all
the extra insulin I had given him in the days before.  He is using
Humalog in his pump, but he has a history of "pooling" insulin.  Just

Thanks...wish me luck with sleeping tonite...
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