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Re: [IP] Carb Counting Books

> After pumping for the past 3 months, the frustration I have yet to
> overcome is counting carbs when eating out at restaurants.  I find
> it very frustrating using the carb book I now have ("Book of Food
> Counts", 1996) since it includes every individual food under the
> sun, but not in a user-friendly format.  For example, if I eat at a
> Burger King, what are the carbs in a Whopper Jr?  In my book, I have
> to locate each component of a Whopper and add them together. 
> Typically, the measurements listed in the book are things I can't
> relate to in the field like "2 oz. dried angel hair pasta".  Can you
> relate to 2 oz. of "dried" pasta as you look at your plate of

With time you will learn the tricks. All pasta has about the same 
carb content (not counting sauce) BY VOLUME. So once you figure it 
out, you can use it everywhere. I'll leave the exercise to you since 
it is educational to go through the process, the next time you 
have noodles at home, measure the number of cups for the whole pot 
after they are drained and calculate the carbs per cup. Until you can 
accurately gauge by eyeballing a plate, don't be bashful about asking 
for an extra water glass and use that to measure -- most resturants 
use 8 or 12 oz glasses. Potatoes can be done the same way if they are 
boiled or mashed. The various sauces you have to guess, but the guess 
will be fairly consistent and repeatable even at different 
resturants. Likewise things like resturant cake, pie, etc... is 
pretty consistent at 50 - 65 grams per serving. They don't plan it 
that way, it just sort of happens :-)


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