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[IP] re: Minimed vs. Disetronic..which did you pick (no wars!)

 Originally I made a list of the reasons I made my
decision. I chose MiniMed, primarily I liked how it
looked and the customer service. I also switched to
Disetronic a few months back. (no wars this is just my
own rare experience!). Yes, my preferences in choosing
a pump have DEFINITELY changed. Looking back, I think
that what I chose the pump on was totally trivial, but
there was no way I would have known otherwise at that
 You have to find the one that has the features you
prefer. I liked the MiniMed's appearance, the
backlight, and the boluses. However, I never used the
various boluses. I like the Disetronic's speed of
bolus delivery, the lack of a door which opens, and
the whole 3 minute basal delivery system (plus the
backup pump). For me, waterproofness has never been an
issue on either pump. Any of the 3 companies is a good
choice, a pump is better than no pump. I do have my
favorite now but I also have reasons now for knowing
more of what's important rather than features my life
style does or does not need. (and everyone's needs are
 It's totally YMMV, every pumper is entitled to his
own opinion and made his decision for his own reasons.
My suggestion for you and any other pumper, is if
there's not a dead obvious feature you need (maybe
even if there is) do a trial on the pumps you are
choosing among/between. Don't forget, Animas is out
there as well as Disetronic and MiniMed.


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