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Re: [IP] Minimed vs. Disetronic -- Which did you pick?

When I started pumping 7 years ago I did not even realize that I had a
choice of different pump companies.  I was just given a MM and that was it.
But I can give you some input on what I have found these past 7 years.
    I like my choices as far as bolusing is concerned.  I can use a normal,
square or dual wave to cover a variety of meals. I also like my choice of
basil adjustments.  I can have one set of basil rates for weekdays and a
different set for weekends or sick days.  I tend to go low if I use the same
basil rates that I use on weekdays on the weekend.
I also like the way I can adjust the volume of the alarms, change it to
vibrate and use the audio bolus and/or remote control.  I ALWAYS bolus audio
now b.c. its so convenient. :)

      My dislikes:   The only thing I can say that I actually do not like is
the face (screen cover) of the pump.  The plastic piece that covers the
screen can be easily scratched and dented.  I know I am supposed to wear the
leather case to prevent the scratches but I choose not too.  Again, this is
just my personal opinion and if I wore the leather cover like I should I
don't think it would be a problem.   That is really my only dislike.

I am not sure if Disetronic offers the flexibility of the above features I
have mentioned or if there plastic screen is different.  I can only comment
on MM because that is the only one I have experience with.

Hope you get a lot of helpful replies from your question.
Mel and pumpy
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> Okay, I'm not trying to start any wars here, but I'd be very interested in
> hearing about the factors you-all considered in choosing between Minimed
> Disetronic and what was/were the deciding factor(s) for
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