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RE: [IP] Do you use a scale?

On 25 Nov 2000, at 18:25, Roni Pagano wrote:

> but regarding your mashed potatoes- based on what i know, mashed potatoes
> should just be a regular bolus(since it reacts very quickly in your system).
> But, since you indulged with ranch dressing and cheese(fat and protein) i

It's possible that I might have a bit of gastroparesis too.  Don't 
know for sure.  But I have had digestive troubles for most of my 
adult life.

> guess depending on how much you used you did need to dual wave.  what did
> you do?

When I started eating them, my bg was 109 

(my endo doesn't want me below 100 until she says I can--might 
be a couple more months before she'll allow it again.  She knows I 
work alone at night in deserted commercial buildings doing 
physical labor, and she doesn't want me passing out due to my 
own ignorance)

I bolused 3.8 units (based on ~15 gm/unit calculated about 12 oz 
of mashed taters @ ~16 carbs/100 gm serving size, totalling ~57-
60 gm carbs)

At the 2 hour mark, I was at 112

(unheard of before changing my carb ratio to 15 gm/unit down from 
20-25 gm/unit--I'm still in the honeymoon and things are changing 
every couple months)

At the 5 hour mark (no additional food) I tested at 173.

My high bg ratio is currently 80 gm/dl per unit, so I bolused 1 unit.

2.5 hrs after that, I was at 123.

Using the unused insulin rule, I decided to bolus .3 units.

Then it was bedtime.

By morning, it was 114.

I'll bet she can make some kind of sense of that.

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