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RE: [IP] Do you use a scale?

On 25 Nov 2000, at 17:41, Roni Pagano wrote:

> very funny- I think the problem is the cheese- its slowing down the rate of
> absorbtion.
> is there a formular for when a meal is too high in fat or protein(how high
> is too high) and the rec for it(ex. dual wave 50 now and 50% 1hour
> after...)can you spell it out or referance something?  anyone???

Unfortunately, I'm just beginning to learn about dual-wave/square-
wave stuff myself.

I splurged yesterday and had mashed potatoes for the first time in 
a year.  (I've have two baked potatoes during the past year but 
never mashed as I love them the most).  I tend to smother them in 
Ranch dressing and cheddar cheese.  The first three hours, my 
bolus was perfect.  Beautiful, gorgeous.  Then about the 3 hour 
mark, my bgs rose.......  all the way up to 173.  And here I'd been 
ready to pat myself on the back for finally getting a bolus right!  ha!  
Took two more units to get me back down into the right zone again.

I figure, somehow, my endo will be able to make sense of these 
data when I see her in a couple more weeks.  She's pretty dang 
smart.  When I follow her instructions to the letter, she's never 
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