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Re: [IP] Overnight Basal Profiling - How?

On 25 Nov 2000, at 16:48, Darrin Parker wrote:

> OK, Beennon the pump (w H) for two days.  I'm trying to do the 24 hour
> profiles but am too tired to thikn stright.  How do you asty up for three
> nights in a row?

ACK!  What does sleep deprivation do to the body?  Mine totally 
freaks out.  I can't imagine the tests being accurate that way.  I 
imagine there's more adrenaline being pumped in to maintain the 
alertness needed under sleep deprivation.  What does adrenaline 
and shock to the body do to our BGs?  (I don't know the answer to 
that but I can't believe it would create accurate results).

What I've heard is that you're supposed to set an alarm about 
midway through and test quickly and go right back to sleep, then 
retrieve the number when you wake up.

I did that one night and found a rise occurring which came back 
down by morning.  My basals had been set to double about 1 hour 
before morning.  So I set the basals to increase at 2 hours before 
morning.  Next time I wake up during the night, I'll see if if I've hit 
that rise yet.

> Some have told me I don't have ot do it all in three consec days but I
> don't want to run the low basal for a week or more which means being in teh
> 300 range all of the time.  Any tideas?

I've been bolusing every so often instead of adjusting my basals the 
wrong way.  I tried to do a morning test earlier this week and there 
was one problem after another.  Several people on 
misc.health.diabetes voted to scrap it and start over. :-)

One thing that has helped me immensely was having my doc tell 
me approximately how many points (md/dl) one unit will drop my 
bgs.  She's not precisely on target, but it's given me a very good 
starting point.  I use that number (which for me is currently around 
80 mg/dl per unit) to sneak my numbers back down little by little.

I've also been using the Unused Insulin Rule a lot to help determine 
how much more I'd need based on my estimated ratios.

I figure it'll take me quite a long while to get everything programmed 
just right (and then the honeymoon will continue to screw it up).

Seems to me that maintaining as much normalcy as possible is 
the only way to do the tests *realistically*.
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