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[IP] stomach pain/nausea

Has anyone else had stomach pain eveyr morning they
wake up (regardless of blood sugar..high low,
indifferent) which is so much you're ready to puke.
Granted, when I'm 333 fasting, I can understand it,
but more often then not I THINK I'm 500 but I"m 110
and ready to puke. I never had so many upset stomachs
on shots and now it just gets worse it seems. I've
always said I have a bad stomach. Today was an
exceptoin (first day in 6 days) I didn't feel like
that, but I also was so low that I was out of it and
almost had to be dragged out of bed to get up at 6am
to go to work...but within 2 hours my stomach wzs
upset only escalating int eh afternoon to actually
below my waistband which was al\so where i have a nice
2 inch bruise from a set my body didn't like. 
 Anyone else notice this? I"m starting on a medicine
tomorrow for something unrelated which has nausea as a
side effect and I hope i don't get it b/c I already
use enough Imodium and pepto..

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