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Re: [IP] Overnight Basal Profiling - How?

>> OK, Beennon the pump (w H) for two days.  I'm trying to do the 24
>> hour profiles but am too tired to thikn stright.  How do you asty up
>> for three nights in a row?
>Don't do it that way. Pick a period to do such as evenings or nights.
>Run a profile, skip a night and do it again until you have baseline
>results that are reasonably repeatable. When doing the repeats,
>use alternate hours from the previous run so that you have a more
>complete data set to work with. Make the adjustments for that period
>then go on to the next. Make sure and check that the changes did what
>you expected. Don't try to go more than 8 - 10 hours at a time
>since you will start to test starvation bg's rather than fasting
>bg's. Also, see the basal adjustment simulation tool in the HOWTO
>section of the web site. This may be of some help in doing the fine

OK, Thanks Micheal.  This makes sense as well.  I've read pumping insuoin
abeenm basal adjustments on MDio for 7 years but lately everyine is telling
me to do different things.  I have to pick one - so i'll go baclk to my
orignal plan (same as above and in Pumping Insulin).

I'm going to do a high bouls correction and go tom bed and sleep for a day
then go back at this as normal.

thanks for putting me on track.  I really apprecite iot.  Can hardly wait
to sleep.

>> Some have told me I don't have ot do it all in three consec days but
>no, don't do this. Make small adjustments to the basals until you can
>do a complete profile without going over 200 or under 50. Actually
>getting low is not too bad if you know exactly how far a dex tab will
>raise your bg's. If you do, then the data set will still be OK. With
>high bg's this does not work because over 180 - 200, your kidneys
>will start removing excess glucose quite effectively and the data
>will not be accurate.
>Read the HOWTO stuff on the web site as well as the pertinent
>sections in Pumping Insulin. Don't be in a hurry -- it can take a
>long time to get basals just right. Not too long to get them close.

I've ben in a bit of hurry.  Presure to get going from one well-meaning doc
(not an endo or GP).


Darrin Parker

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