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[IP] Insulinopenic

Insulinopenic means a total absence of insulin. Not resisistance  or not 
enough. I'm not certain what you mean by type wierd. If you have no insulin 
you get ketones because carbs cannot be metabolized without insulin and so 
fats are broken down to provide an energy source, producing ketones because 
the carbs needed to metabolize them (oxidize them) completely to energy are 
not available for use without insulin. Even if you don't have much insulin, 
fats can be totally metabolized and ketones do not build up in the blood. 
you dont get that awful "blech" feeling which accompanies ketone 
production. this feeling along with neausea makes type 1's anorectic and 
forms the basis for the Atkin's diet in which no carbohydrate intake causes 
ketone prodiction and anorexia. Some people make insulin which doesn't work 
because there is something wrong with the amino acid sequences but even 
though they have this faux insulin it doesn't work because it is made 
improperly by the body. However the faux insulin is not immunoreactive and 
cannot be detected by the body. Insulin resistance is known to occur in 
adult humans from several reasons, one is coexisting type 2 with type 1. 
One is imunological destruction of insulin by antibodies produced from 
exogenous insulin injections of insulin which is dirty and results in 
insulin allergy. this is not seen often with humulin or human insulin. 
Usually results in patients treated with older animal insulins. Other 
reasons are somatostatin opposition to insulin's action, hypothyroidism or 
corticosteroid excess. In women, polycystic overy syndrome or adrenogenital 
syndrome. these are conditions taught in medical school and during an 
endocrinology fellowship.
A Bender, M. D.
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