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[IP] Re: fwd:reasons glad we have diabetes/dealing with acceptance

Thanks for sharing this Amy, you really made me laugh.
It helps sometimes, in the midst of all these bad bg's I've been having.
I got a new book from the library called "Women and Diabetes", 2nd edition, 
by Poirer and Coburn.  Some of the things in the book have really made me 
think.  After 19 years I thought acceptance was well, diabetes is here i'm 
here, not really a problem anymore.  This book has really made me explore 
some in this area, in ways I never had.
Here's an example:
"LIfe experiences as a woman with diabetes provide you with opportunities to 
learn more about your own widom, your unique gifts and your powers.  If 
allowed, diabetes can teach you that you are more than your body and more 
than a set of blood sugars.  You are a whole and phenomenal woman.  Having 
diabetes doesn't  define you or your worth.  Diabetes becomes a part of you  
like the color of your eyes.  It can become a teacher as well as a 
"How do you regard your diabetes?  Is it a failure or a character flaw, 
something to be ashamed of or to hide?  Do you think it detracts from your 
value as a woman?  Is diabetes an enemy that drains you emotionally or 
physically, to fight and slay?  Or is it a part of you that you accept and 
care for?"
"I am a woman who is in touch with myself because of diabetes."

Just some quotes from the book, it's really got me thinking.
I think some of you might get a lot out of the book too.

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started 8-21-2000
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