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Re: [IP] Do you use a scale?

In a message dated 11/24/00 7:46:40 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< How many of you pumpers use a scale to weigh food at home and/or when 
out?  >>

I have had scales around during most of my 45+ years of diabetes, but find I 
use them much more frequently since starting carb counting a few years ago.  
I find it much more acceptable to be eating the size banana I want and 
figuring out the bolus for it than it was for all those years trying to find 
a banana to fit an exchange <gr.>.  For a couple years, I have been using 
that expensive computerized scale from diabetesnet.org, on which I can put in 
the code and get a reading of the g of carb in my banana.  It is routine for 
me to do it at home with any fruit, bread, or grain (for some of which I 
don't use their carb formula but have made up my own), and any other carb 
dense food for which I have the nutritional info.  I do not take it out with 
me -- there have been times when I could have used it, but most restaurant 
food and dinner-party food made by other people is no longer in a simple form 
for which the formulas work well.  But in my own kitchen, I frankly find it 
easier to put that banana on the scale, sitting on a convenient shelf, than 
to estimate -- and it is certainly more accurate, even with 45+ years of 
practice. (and my ability to estimate at times I don't have the scale is kept 

Linda Z
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