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[IP] Re: Reasons/having diabetes - it has been a long time since I ranted here:)

Hi  Amy

No apology required to this household!

I haven't been following this thread very closely, but I agree totally
with your points on optimism.  It is very healthy.  We have a 12 yr old
daughter, Erica, who has been diabetic since the age of 4, and pumping
almost 2 years now.  We hate this *&(&^ disease and its 'on your
shoulder' presence, but we have to live with it and hopefully make the
best decisions we can. The damn disease is part of our lives, we can't
change that, but we can be in control of our reaction to it and provide
Erica the best darn care we can while educating her.
Our lives have been enriched in many ways as a direct result of
diabetes.  I wish we had never been put in the position that we did have
to make adjustments in our lives as a result of Diabetes, but we did,
there was nothing that could be done about it.  We can't fixate on the
negative aspects of diabetes, we have to try to find the silver lining.
What a different child Erica could have become had we let diabetes
control us rather than controlling it and its nasty physical and
emotional bites.
I look at Erica and see an extremely thoughtful, empathetic, hilarious,
mischevious, life-loving, affectionate, conscientious, intelligent,
resourcefull, sensible, giggly, accepting, well-adjusted, full of
surprises, messy, 12 yr old girl.  I could go on and on.  She isn't
perfect, indeed, I would never want her to feel like she has to be.
Geez, what a hard thing to live up to that would be!
Our dealings with Erica's diabetes has provided her and our family  with
the most fantastic friends we would otherwise have never met and
experiences she would never have had.
What wonderful new friends we have met!  Not just in cyber space, but
people who have been to our home, joined us camping, and who we visit.
She has been instrumental in changing the lives of children who are now
pumping, or want to try it because she is such a positive
influence...without even trying to be!
She has more bloody common sense than anyone else in the family, while
also being the best stand up comedienne we know!
She was featured in a Health Matters t.v. show here in Canada which was
aired nationally.  Her composure was overwhelming. People's reactions to
her portion of that show are fantastic.  She received so much positive
input and a beautiful handcrafted butterfly from a gentleman at CBC who
was so thankful to her for her contribution to their show.  We still
keep in touch with the producer who tells us that the CBC receives calls
asking them how they get the pump!
She is such an individual person.  Complex yet simple.  She doesn't
follow the crowd, but stands out in it.
Do I think diabetes has had an impact on this?  Yes, I do.  I would like
to think that without diabetes she would be the same person she is now
because we would dearly have loved to be given the chance to live
without it.  But, I will never know.  Perhaps she would have been an
even better person.  All I do know for sure is that I couldn't ask for a
more wonderful child (except one who knows how to clean up their bedroom
<g>).  As she matures, I hope that we have provided her with enough
positive experiences to get her through those times when she has to take
the bull by the horn and deal with this disease herself as an adult. I
hope she can continue on in this emotionally and physically positive
direction for a loooonnnng time.

I know her life will not be easy.  She is a child and doesn't look very
far into the future.  That is a blessing I suppose.  Would she give up
diabetes in a second?  Of course she would!!  Would she give up all the
things she has experienced as a result of it?  Blood tests, site
changes, and hypos...OF COURSE!  Her positive experiences...well, I
think her attitude would be could she have her cake and eat it too.  She
would give up the disease but her silver linings she would like to hold

Bottom line:
Diabetes is nasty, hateful, awful, horrible etc.  Can we change the fact
Erica has it, no.  Can we controld how we react to it....yes!  Optimism,
a great pill for what ails you.

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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by the way, I am building a new area in my website entitled "Funny thing
about pumping.."
It will allow people to put in their humorous stories or quotes about
pumping in particular and diabetes in general. It is rather ironic that
I started it last night and saw your posting about optimism today.
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