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[IP] Interesting day

Natalie wrote:

 >>Hi, Liz, First question that springs to mind is, is it really all the 
others in your life or is it YOU that expects perfection and is frustrated 
when you don't get it?

Personally, I think that ALL of you that are out there dealing with 
diabetes, regardless of age or type, should win a medal and be 
congratulated -- it's just not easy! <<

Nope, it's not me.  I've had this disease for thirty years now--long enough 
to know that I'm not ever going to get it perfect.  I settle,  quite 
happily, for pretty good most of the time and just decent some of the 
time.  I get frustrated when I run into problems because of the 
technology.  Bent cannulas, faulty readings on the bG meter, inaccurate 
insulin delivery with the pump (granted, very rare--let's not start any 
wars here).

But I have a few family members who expect near perfection given the 
technology.  They overreact especially to low blood sugars, since when I 
was on the Joslin 2 shots a day/urine testing routine I was always high so 
insulin reactions were few and years between.  They didn't seem to register 
the damage that was occurring or the discomfort I was feeling because of 
high blood sugars.  Of course at that time I was (quite obviously in my 
opinion) fabricating all my test results and never logged a reading above 2%.

I have pretty much the same reaction to blood sugars as you--the inevitable 
WHY, then do something about it and let it go.  It's information to use 
when looking for patterns.

I'm sorry that you're feeling depressed lately.  I know the combination of 
dark, cold, and holidays make many people feel bad.  Remember to 
congratulate yourself also.   You're doing great!  I wish I could help...

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