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Re: [IP] D in the family- Help!

If your father in law is willing to have an HBA1C, then maybe he would be 
willing to seek out another doctor in his area. Does he know anyone outside 
of the family that is diabetic? Maybe they could refer him to a good doctor. 
He may not be comfortable with a younger doctor so maybe it could be someone 
mid-aged that has kept up with the times. I don't mean this in a bad way, but 
sometimes the older doctors get stuck in their ways and think that all of the 
newer technology is a bunch of garbage.
Fortunately I have a younger doctor. She doesn't know a lot about diabetes 
but she is willing to listen to my concerns and to work with my educator and 
pump rep. to make my health the best possible.
I do know something about denial because I let myself avoid the possibility 
of diabetes. Everyone around me kept telling me I had all the signs and 
symptoms but I didn't want to hear it. I lost 30lbs. in three months, slept 
12-15 hrs a day(still tired the next day), had horrible mood swings and  
drank an average of two gallons of water a day, but I couldn't be diabetic. 

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