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[IP] Folks with air in the tubing

Hi you Pumpers -

This was the first problem I ran into when I first started.  The first day I
changed sets, my blood sugars would be really high that whole first day.  I
kept looking for answers - found none.  Out of frustration, I called MM,
desperate.  They said - yes, manually prime your pump until you see a drop
at the end of the resoirvoir.  [OK, did that]  Then they said - after you
insert your resoirvoir into the pump, then press the prime button and prime
it again, until you see drops coming out the end of the tube with the
resoivoir inserted iinto the pump and actually functioning. [OK, tried
that - I prime one complete revolution of the lead screw - 7.2 units, but it
usually only takes 3 or 4 units, and then I suspend it until I connect the
reservoir end into the set in the skin.  Bolus .5, and I've been "good to go
since then].  Since Ive been using that technique - no more high - or even
elevated - blood sugars on that first day.  This might be something to try.
Good luck!

Jane and Chance
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