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Re: [IP] D in the family- Help!

On 24 Nov 2000, at 19:53, Sharon Amann wrote:

>      These are NOT the answer either! Scare tactics don't work even if we do
> have one or more complications already.

I think that's a YMMV kind of thing.  In some areas, it doesn't work 
on me at all.  In some areas, it works very well.  So in my case, it's 
not even YMMV but YMMV unpredictably! :-D

> How about one of the new tests for
> HbA1cs that you can purchase over the counter. The ADA Forecast has one
> called "In Charge" that is "the only home-testing system with combines
> once-a-week GlucoProtein and daily glucose testing that can help you improve
> your overall diabetes control. It is a once-a-week test for overall control
> that indicates the average of your continuous glucose changes over the prior
> 2-3 weeks (similar to HbA1c)." They say it is competitively priced to
> glucose-only systems. (So it IS an actual meter).

Seems like the real problem is getting FIL to believe what the 
*ADA* says is the true diagnosis instead of the doctor.

Seems as though only the data from the DCCT gives real proof.

>      As an aside: I hate to hear people bickering over hurt feelings because

I don't see any bickering, actually.  I see people expressing their 
points of view.  I want people to know what MY point of view is, 
that's how understanding is increased.  And even though we all 
have diabetes, we don't all have the exact same experience in life.  
People need to know that there are hot buttons out there, land 
mines so-to-speak and at least be aware that what they're saying 
may not sit well with everyone.

> ironically funny, while someone else may be deeply hurt. Please, this site
> is for us to be able to open up to people who really DO understand what
> we're going through.

Those of us who are describing our points of view ARE opening up 
to people who may or may NOT understand what we're going 
through.  I've no complications yet, that I know of (knocking 
frantically on wood).  Therefore, I *cannot* understand what it's like 
to lose a foot or my eyesight.  I only truly understand what *I*, 
personally, have gone through and only partially what others 
describe to me.  

So to describe me as someone who DOES understand is not 

It's a precarious and difficult tightrope.

> go through on a daily basis. Let's not "cut down" our friends who DO
> understand us!

I really didn't see anyone cutting anyone down.  Expressing 
displeasure over something *said* is not always an insult to the 
person who said it.  It's an opportunity for increased understanding.
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