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[IP] Re: diabetes overcompensation

In a message dated 11/21/00 9:48:06 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I really disagree with simply allow highs over 140 to lose
> the weight. He claims I can't keep my metabolism doing this or I'll go splat
> and injure myself. I am overcompensating for any bg's that are not perfect
> around or under 110 at all times so I have to ease off. Has any other punper
> just been so overeager to be "perfect" that they wind up hypoglcemic or
> close to it alot of the time?:( I just fear D so much that I'm over
> motivated, how do I get motivated to relax?

I'm behind in mail but wanted to say this sounds strange from your endo.  Any 
time my bg is higher is up to 125 I start compensating with .5.  That is what 
my endo is having me do.    Maybe your bolus rate for lunch is too high since 
you are low before supper so much.
I would not like the idea of not compensating for stuff over 140, isn't the 
whole idea to keep your bg in a normal range?

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