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Re: [IP] Do you use a scale?

On 24 Nov 2000, at 19:43, email @ redacted wrote:

> How many of you pumpers use a scale to weigh food at home and/or when eating 
> out?  If you do, how long have you been carb counting and what make/models 
> seem to work well for you?

Right now, I'm just using a regular digital postal scale.  Kind of a 
pain, cuz it gives me the weight in oz and then I have to convert 
that to grams so I can apply the USDA Nutrient database 100gm 
serving size ratio to it.  It's a royal pain.

I've been counting carbs for a year now.

Just today, I wrote a complaint letter to Albertson's (grocery store) 
and cc'd the USDA because my husband bought a generic 
pumpkin pie with Albertson's label on it.  It said the serving size 
was 1/5 of the pie.

Come on now.  I defy any of these companies to show me ONE 
PERSON who can eyeball a 1/5th cut.  

I complained and asked them to give us insulin-dependent-
diabetics the world over A BREAK.  Told them I don't carry 
calculators and scales around with me so that I can calculate 
5 * 34 / 8 ( or 6 if I cut it in 6 pieces) so that I can get a realistic 
serving size out of it.

I've complained to Tombstone pizza too cuz their 
pepperoni/sausage thin crust has 1/5th as the serving size too.  
They sent me back a canned public relations non-reply.

It's beginning to really bug me.

oops.  I guess I've strayed off the question.
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