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Re: [IP] Insulin with hysterectomy

Jan H. wrote:

<<I was doing remarkably well and was to be released in 6
days instead of 7. However, in the a.m. I couldn't move or breathe without
severe pain. Went through all kinds of tests and it was determined I had a
pre-blood clot in my right lung. Had to stay an extra week hooked to IV
Heparin, then 3 months on coumodin (D-Con).  I sure wonder how I survived 50
years of this!!>>

I had a partial hysterectomy about 6 years ago.  Was out of the hospital in
about 4 days.  Since I was still on shots then, I can't help with pumping
info, but during surgery they had me take no insulin in the am and the
nurses monitored my bgs all day.  I survived.  Jan, they gave me shots of
heparin right after surgery and the whole time I was in the hospital, I
never really understood why, now maybe I do.

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