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Re: [IP] Fwd: Reasons we are glad to have Diabetes

>Personally, I really hate that phrase.

I couldn't agree with you more!

>  God didn't give me a
>grandfather to sexually molest me. That was my *grandfather's*
>responsibility, not God's.

Again, I couldn't agree with you more.  Just as it's my brothers 
responsibility for what he did.  In addition to me this sort of attitude 
just promotes us as humans for not taking responsibility for our own 
actions and behavior, which is something I am really really sick of.  Hmm, 
who can we blame today???

>Finding humor & positivity in stuff is one thing.  And I think it's good
>thing to look for humor wherever you can find it.  There's proof that
>humor really is one of the best medicines.

Hmm, once again I couldn't agree with you more.  :-)  I find humor in 
whatever I can and laugh at myself a lot.  I think that has been a great 
help in me surviving this 37 plus years of diabetes, plus the hell I've 
been through this year.  Well dang am still going through, but thank 
goodness to my friends and family who help me laugh which keeps me 
sane.  How can anyone find anything positive about any horrible disease, 
with diabetes included?  I will never understand that.  I also have several 
friends that have sworn to shoot me on sight if I ever say "I like 
diabetes".  LOL  See I have humor, but I am also real!

I really think we can just blame genes and make the best of what we must 
deal with day in and day out.

Fran, who really isn't trying to start a flame here, but is expressing her 
very strong opinions on this topic.  Just think of me as a ghost of Sara SP 
who can't write worth a damn. :-)
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