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Re: [IP] ??? For Parents of Pumping "Tweens" (Ages 8-12) [long]


I was 4 and 1/2 when diagnosed and i know that when i started to do my own 
injections at approx age 7-8, it made the whole world open to us.  I could 
sleep over friends houses (not only the ones across the street or the ones 
with nurses in the house) it also gave me the feeling of control of this 
disease.  I feel that 10 is plenty old enough to be handling her own 
injections and I wish I had the option of a pump back in the late 60's.  That 
would have been a whole other world.

I say to let her start doing her own injections and begin taking charge of 
her diabetes - not rely on anyone else all the time - from experience - it 
helps with your mindset and control.

Good Luck and let your daughter that there are some of us out here that are 
still young (in my mind i am at 36) and who have lived with this for 32+ 
years.  She should know how lucky she is with all the advances there have 
been in the recent years.  I am sure there are others who remember the glass 
syringes that had to be soaked in alcohol before injections and also left 
huge bruises.

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