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Re: [IP] D in the family- Help!

On 24 Nov 2000, at 14:40, Pixie wrote:
> My father-in-law is
> willing to have an A1C, his Dr. refuses to give him one and told me it was
> unnecessary for him to have one as a 236 after a meal means he simply
> "wasn't eating right". The Dr in question does not use A1C's and based
> diagnosis on some criteria I've never heard of! He is spilling over sugar
> and ketones in his urine at home but the Dr. would not even do s urinalysis
> to prove what I told him is true. I've tried everything to make that Dr.
> take the bg elevations seriously but if the Dr. says it's ok, my
> father-in-law believes it, as he's trusted this GP for years.

That is SO scary.  That's malpractice, IMO.  But you can't do 
anything about it until there's harm done and even then it would 
have to be your FIL who would have to bring charges.  And once 
the complications are there, it's too late to back and correct it.

You wouldn't happen to know anyone in his area with long term T2 
who has lost a limb or eyesight, do you?

Seems to me the doc is a hopeless case and convincing your FIL 
is the only path at this point.

And even then, it may not have an effect.  I mysefl get pretty 
rebellious when people pressure me too hard.

I was fortunate that diabetes scared the living daylights out of me 
to begin with.
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