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[IP] D in the family- Help!

Hi Pumpers,

I'm writing becuase I need some help and stressed out from worry. My
wonderful father in law is 56 years old and 30 lbs overweight. He is on Ziac
for hypertension and has very high cholesterol.  Recently he's not been
feeling well and I noticed some symptoms of T2 diabetes and asked if I could
check he sugars and he agreed. 15 years ago, he had half his stomach removed
becuase of 20 some-odd bleeding ulcers so he doesn't digest food correctly
either. His sugars have clearly beeen eleveated, as high as 236 3 hours
after a meal. His fastings are consistently over 110 even with a 16 hour
fast and normally are 128 or higher. His pp are's in the over 150-200 range
consistently. But when he went to his Dr. with the bg log I created for him,
his Dr. said there's no reason to be concerned and for me to test him for 2
weeks straight fasting. His Dr. is older than dirt (he's over 70 yrs old and
a rural country Dr.) and says unless he's normally over 140 fasting, there's
no reason for Don to adjust his lifestyle or consider himself a DM'er. I
disagree with the Dr naturally! My father in law is currently on prednisone
for some throat swelling of unknown origin, plus he's sick all the time
right now, and I tested him 4 hours after dinner last night. He ate a meal
indentical to me, and his sugar was 262. Mine was 108. I know Prednisone
raises diabetic sugars thru the roof, but would'nt a normal person release
insulin to compensate for the drug?

 Also, I was doing some stuff around the house and found a CVS diabetic gift
pack, the ones you only get with a purchase of diabetic supplies or
medication. It's not my pack of samples and freebies either. I realize he's
mostly likely diabetic, but he refuses to go to another Dr as his has
treated him for years and years. He is doing a great job of playing
Cleopatra, queen of Denial and I've tried to educate him as best I can and
set a good example. We eat healthy here but it's barely keeping him from
getting sick and not controlling his bg's and he's not getting any better.
He is still convinced of the false notion that diabetics only crave and eat
sweets (even though I don't) and since he doesn't he's not diabetic. How can
I help him? My hubby and I are very concerned and the stress is not good for

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