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Re: [IP] We need help!


Here is a link to an MD in Dallas.  Hope it helps.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

I have a ferret running searches, so may come up with more later.


At 09:41 AM 11/24/2000 , you wrote:
>     We need help.  Marisa, age 10, has been pumping since June, 1998. She 
> has
>always used Comforts (Tenders) infusion sets andd Humalog.  Until last April
>she was using her tummy area for insertions.  We would rotate from side to
>side and up and down.  She changed her sites every 3rd day and sometimes just
>twice a week.  In April, after just about  two years of pumping, she
>developed severe lipodystrophy in her stomach area.  It seemed to happen
>overnight.  Both sides of her stomach literally "caved in".  It looks like
>someone took their fist and pushed in her stomach on both sides.  She had
>been to Barbara Davis Center (Denver) just 4 weeks previously and her endo
>agreed her stomach area looked fine then.  We immediately stopped using her
>stomach and have been using only her backside--- all over.  We also started
>to change her sites every other day.  Two weeks ago we noticed that one side
>of her backside has started to indent--- The lipodystrophy seems to be
>starting there!  Her endo is doing a search about this problem and has asked
>us to inquire online about others who have experienced this and what they
>have done.  We know this problem previously occurred with injections and
>oftentimes with pork insulin.  but-- have any of you pumpers experienced
>this?  (By the way, after almost 8 months her tummy has not improved at all.)
>  This is very worrisome for us as we look at the future for pumping and
>Marisa.  If you know of any physicians who have insight into lipodystrophy in
>pumpers, especially young pumpers, please let us know.  My husband is a
>physician and  is searching this problem, also.  Thanks!
>Connie, Marisa's Mom
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