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[IP] We need help!

    We need help.  Marisa, age 10, has been pumping since June, 1998. She has 
always used Comforts (Tenders) infusion sets andd Humalog.  Until last April 
she was using her tummy area for insertions.  We would rotate from side to 
side and up and down.  She changed her sites every 3rd day and sometimes just 
twice a week.  In April, after just about  two years of pumping, she 
developed severe lipodystrophy in her stomach area.  It seemed to happen 
overnight.  Both sides of her stomach literally "caved in".  It looks like 
someone took their fist and pushed in her stomach on both sides.  She had 
been to Barbara Davis Center (Denver) just 4 weeks previously and her endo 
agreed her stomach area looked fine then.  We immediately stopped using her 
stomach and have been using only her backside--- all over.  We also started 
to change her sites every other day.  Two weeks ago we noticed that one side 
of her backside has started to indent--- The lipodystrophy seems to be 
starting there!  Her endo is doing a search about this problem and has asked 
us to inquire online about others who have experienced this and what they 
have done.  We know this problem previously occurred with injections and 
oftentimes with pork insulin.  but-- have any of you pumpers experienced 
this?  (By the way, after almost 8 months her tummy has not improved at all.) 
 This is very worrisome for us as we look at the future for pumping and 
Marisa.  If you know of any physicians who have insight into lipodystrophy in 
pumpers, especially young pumpers, please let us know.  My husband is a 
physician and  is searching this problem, also.  Thanks!

Connie, Marisa's Mom
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