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Re: [IP] ??? For Parents of Pumping "Tweens" (Ages 8-12) [long]


   Welcome to the family of diabetes and children with diabetes.  My name is 
Sylvia.  I live in WA state.  My son Joshua was diagnosed 8/97 at the age of 
5.5.  He turns 9 next month.  He started pumping last December but went off 
the pump July because of site problems.  He had just completed 9 months of 
swimming lessons and we had trouble keeping the sites on.  He also sweats a 
lot in warm weather.  We fianlly found out about Mastisol, a medical adhesive 
that other OP'ers told us about on this list.  It works great but poor Josh 
was OD'd on frequest site changes so he stopped pumping but we are anxious to 
go back on it next week!!!!

   We chose the Disetronics pump because of its waterproof feature.  A person 
can actually go scuba diving with the pump on to about 75-80 feet down.  We 
had a camp counselor who not only surfed but scuba dives as well all with his 
pump on!!!

That might be an option to consider, especially with your 'water' activities. 
 And with girls they can wear the pump under a one piece suit and it will 
never bother them at all.  My friend's daughter did that this year at camp!

  I am the leader of our local Support Group for Families with Children with 
Diabetes.  We have a web site where parents can go and ask questions, voice 
concerns, vent frustrations, whatever.  If you would be interested in joining 
this group please contact me for further information.  It's FREE!!!!

  Good luck and know that you have found an incredible familiy of friends and 
a wealth of information here at the IP list!!!

Sylvia Staten
email @ redacted
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