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Re: [IP] Re: slide clamp

>Hi Darren!
>For the tender it probably isn't necc. as long as it is anot attached to you
>at the time...(but wait, what about the air being displaced...
>I don't know...
>tried the slide clamp with the rapid and wound up low later....I think I need
>new glasses....(but hey at least I got to drink two glasses of frothy,
>freshly squeezed oj....)
>I must have given myself 5 or 6u(and my sugar was at 103 at the time)-and
>usually I don't bolus until an hour after waking as I have to commute to
>boston and sit down with my daily bagel....

Thanks for your kind help, Bekka.  I just started pumping H today.  The
manual says to use the slide clamp for both sets but I think it's just to
prevent air form entering the tube.  As far as I can figure, priming the
connectoin between the cart and the tube with teh slide clamp on would
cause presure to be built up and then we would get an "unregistered" bolus
of X amount depending on how much presure was there.  Sound logical?

I think when i start using the Tenders I'll not bother with teh slide clamp
and prime out any air that got in the tubing.  Or I will use the slide
clamp and watch ot see if there is an "unregistered bolus" at the connector
end when removinig the clamp.  I'll let you know when i get to try it.

Thanks again.

Darrin Parker

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