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[IP] ??? For Parents of Pumping "Tweens" (Ages 8-12) [long]

My daughter, Katie, is almost 10 and was diagnosed 2 weeks ago.  I'm reading 
all I can about diabetes in general and pumping in particular.  She does her 
own finger pokes but often needs help "milking" enough blood for her Accuchek 
Advantage meter (we're getting rading to testout the Freestyle Meter).  WE do 
all her injections (generally 2x a day right now) for her at this point (our 
team encouraged us to let her take the lead in deciding when she wants to 
take that on).  She's very mature and responsible for her age, and is already 
heading into puberty in terms of physical development . . . 

One of my main questions has to do with managing pumping when parents aren't 
around .  .  . i.e. at school, visiting a friend's house, etc. . . . Do you 
kids do their own carb counting and bolus calculations in these situations?  
How do you handle this whole thing???.  

In the 2 weeks since dx (while on MDI and not pumping, of course), we've 
managed to have a sleepover here and some afternoon playdates (between lunch 
and dinner) at homes where the I know the parents and were able to give them 
some basic training on dealing with lows etc.  But, given how social Katie is 
(friends are SO important at this stage of her development), I know that 
these limitations are going to be a source of contention in the not too 
distant future -- so I really want to know how other parents (especially 
those of pumpers) deal with this issue . . .

My other question has to do with swimming -- both in a pool and the ocean -- 
We currently live in Colorado, but have been planning a move for this summer 
to Hawaii.  Katie loves the beach and swimming and surfing . . . We spend 
long days there and I know she wouldn't want to be "off pump" for long 
periods of time on a regular basis (we're likely to be at the beach 2-3 days 
a week) . . . I had sorta envisioned her going off pump when she actually 
goes into the water and going back on the pump when she's on the sand (with 
the pump in a waterproof case, just in case of a rogue wave or whatever).  

How easy is it to go on and off pump, especially at a sandy beach location, 
and how have things worked for your child at the beach/pool????

TIA for reading my long post and responding!

Lyndy the long-winded one
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