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[IP] Re: Interesting Day

Hi Natalie
I think we can all relate to what you are feeling....I thought after 7 
years(of bad luck?) of Diabetes I'd have adjusted to it a whole lot 
better...Well here I am, 7 years ago I was heading off to college, didn't 
want to test and avoided testing for years....Now I'm 25, employed, happily 
married and on the pump-testing like a fiend...But what really really hits 
me, and it's on the bad days(something with work, family, etc...it can come 
from everywhere) when I'll sit down at the end of the day to test and I'll 
get a high number and I'll just lose it.  I mean isn't it kind of rediculous 
when you think about it- we have to draw blood from our bodies and inject(or 
pump) a synthetic chemical in just to survive?  and all the factors that seem 
so innocent at times, if not handled with the appropriate "dr. recommended" 
steps could threated out lives...Getting in the car, going for a walk, going 
out to dinner, sometimes diabetes really gets irritating around these times.  
 But hey, we are alive, and these spells do pass(or you knit them out of your 
mind, or you cry your heart out for an hour or two)-then you get up, brush 
yourself off, and feel a whole lot better.
We are all human, and sometimes people expect too much from us because they 
can't see the human side.   A couple of years ago, after seeing an endo for 3 
years and coming home miserable and crying everytime,  I remember saying to 
my mother (after she said I wasn't trying enough and shouldn't be over 
reacting to the endo) "Mom, I'm 18 years old, and I'm human." and that's 
exactly what I told the endo when I dropped him(and filed papers with the 
medical board)...
So hugs to you- vent here if you'd like. I love this place, so many 
hard-working, creative-thinking, supportive great folks! (hey y'all want to 
start a business:-)
Wow, look at me I think I just vented....I've got to let my husband know he 
has the rest of the day off! (I think he likes all of you too!)
Cheers everyone!
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