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I pumped through two pregnancies and each was different.  Both pregnancies 
were completed before the pump companies expanded into Quick release or 
Silhouettes.  I used bent needle 42 inch tubing.  Both times used the pump 
throughout the whole pregnancy.  The first pump was a Betatron pump made by 
CPI Lilly (Cardiac Pacemakers Incorporated).  Since that pump only had a 1.5 
cc syringe reservoir near the end of the pregnancy I used the pump just for 
basals and my lunch time bolus.  and used syringes for the morning and 
evening boluses.  I needed the convenience at noon because of my work 

By the time the second pregnancy came along I was able to take all my insulin 
by pump so long as I religiously changed the set every two days.  (NOT even 2 
1/4 days!!)  Both boys are great, and are very normal.  Boy two my Hemoglobin 
A1C was not in an excellent range prior to conception but everything worked 

Boy one had a nasty habit of kicking me right where the infusion site was and 
sometimes left me a bruise because of the steel needle.  Ouch!

Good luck and many hugs.  If we lived close by and you had a girl I would 
love to borrow her for two or three hours and let you take a nap or go 
shopping or something.  Mind you I am not in the baby business anymore but 
nothing is quite like the smell of a baby or how soft their skin is.  When I 
had the boys I did not live near my family and my husband is an only so he 
has no siblings or their wives that could have helped us out.  For me there 
would have been no better treat if someone would have come over to the house, 
took care of the baby while I took a bath or a nice nap.  Hope you have help.

Not only do you have the culture shock of taking care of this little 
creature, your blood sugars are bombing out and of course all the normal 
physical changes that take place after the birth.

God love ya and good luck.  Many hugs.

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