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[IP] Re: basal pattern question

> It'll be 0.1 unit every 20 minutes. Basals always come in 0.1 unit
> increments with the MiniMeds.   :-)

With MM's, is it possible to have the rep adjust the basal increments?

> I wonder how many young readers understand where "the top of the hour"
> from? Or how "clockwise" got defined the way it did? For that matter,
> many of you know why clocks (the old ones with hands) move in the
> direction they do? (Remember, it's an astronomer asking...)

IIRC, they did it that way because it was the same direction as a sun
(at least in the Northern Hemisphere).  I think that some radicals went
the other
way, which led to an edict by the Pope and/or King (and a couple very
valuable wrong
way clocks).

Jack Granowski
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