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Hi Everyone

Thanks so much for all the advice and support I received trying to solve my 
daughter's high bg's over the last week.
It seems her hormones (she4s 12 and growing) plus some pounds gained have 
made her basals too low. We are now adjusting slowly. The night time basal 
we have already fine tuned and are now working on her daytime basals. It's 
amazing that they can require so much more insulin. Still makes me a little 
nervous. I second Michael on the nervous time we have with having to make 
night basals higher, no sleeping for at least a week!
Spot, you were right, of course, on the hormone part. Visited her endo 
yesterday and he4s working with me to solve situation. (he is not who put 
her on the pump).

On the bubbles theory, I guess some of the real high high's we got, did have 
something to do with this. When her bg was almost 400, disconnected her 
micro and started priming, no insulin was coming out of the needle, manually 
primed and then, it started coming out. Now, we still get highs, but just in 
the upper 200's, not 400 and 500 like before. Whew! thats a relief!

Keep well
Eileen's mom
(pumping 7/2000 and loving it!)
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