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[IP] Re: IP Bleeder From Infusion Site

First off,
Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Friends celebrating today :)


My daughter, Erica, is 12 and started pumping at the age of 10.  I knew
all about 'gushers' as we call those geyser like eruptions, before she
even started pumping <g>  If Erica and I hadn't been aware of what a
prize winning gusher was, we both would have fainted the first (and so
far only) time it happened.  Yep, it took paper towels, and Erica was
sitting down stemming the flow with one hand  while catching the
drippings with the other.  I too went through a lot of paper towels, it
was amazing how much could flow out of that little hole! I had suggested
a while back that somebody should make up "I Survived My First Gusher"
T-shirts.  The end result was bruising at the site and we stayed away
from it for a long time.  It was inserted in her abdomen, a few inches
away from her belly button.

Barb....Proud mom of Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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