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Re: [IP] type 1 and type 2

A. Bender, M. D. wrote:
> By definition no type 2 diabetics are insulinopenic.

Not exactly. If you look in the ADA guideline for diffentiation of Types
1 and 2, they specify that Type 2 is a variety of disorders ranging from
primarily insulin-resistant to primarily insulin-deficient. 

Insulin-deficient means insulinopenic, so far as *I* can tell.

'Course, this one strikes me personally, as I'm neither a totally
insulin-dependent Type 1, nor an insulin-resistant Type 2. 

And Type Weird isn't in the medical books. 

So I still wanna know whether I should call myself a Type 1 or a Type
2!!!! (But remember, I won't follow your advice -- I LIKE Type Weird!!!)

 Rare type 1 diabetics exhibit insulin
> resistance and may require  100's or even thousands of units/day this
> usually results from an alteration in body fat which promotes this type of
> resistance. It is not common but many endos and CDE's are aware of this
> possibility. 

On the contrary, this rare insulin-resistance usually immunologic --
anti-insulin antibodies! -- if it goes into the high hundreds or
thousands of units a day. And the immune system eventually withdraws
from the battle, and insulin requirements decline to normal levels.

On the other hand, there is a non-insignificant number of Type 1's who
have Type 2 pattern obesity, and require large amounts of insulin, but
not into the numbers quoted above. They usually have a family history of
Type 2, and it usually creeps up on them in middle age, just like with
Type 2's.  

Spot. still on .6 units /kg/day delivered unfailingly by Christine

Natalie, still on .45 units/kg/day delivered unfailingly by Murgatroyd!

(Love ya, Spot, even when I'm arguing with you!)  :) 
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