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Re: [IP] Sof-set - Disconnecting the Quick Release

On 23 Nov 2000, at 0:57, Marge wrote:

> I have been pumping for two weeks. I have arthritis in my hands, and I have
> trouble disconnecting the Quick Release with my fingers.
> Has anyone found a solution to that problem.

I don't have arthritis but sometimes I have trouble gripping things 
with my right hand (some tendon trouble left over from breaking my 

What I've ended up doing is making sure I can disconnect it several 
times before I insert the set, then it's easier later.

One of them was a real tough one to loosen up.  It might seem like 
a silly solution, but I used two sets of regular old tweezers.  I don't 
know quite how to describe it though.....  I slid the tweezers all the 
way over the two sides of the QR so that the tweezer *ends* were 
sticking out on opposite side like handles.  The narrow end of the 
tweezers gripped the QR.  I was able to lightly hold the tweezers 
with my hands instead of my fingers and was able to twist the QR 
that way.  Yes, it's low tech.  But I was in my bathroom and wasn't 
about to go searching around out in the garage. :-)  (and tweezers 
are cleaner than than pliers!)

If it's difficult to grip the two sides of the QR later on...hmm.....  I 
often use those little rubber finger ends from office supply stores for 
all kinds of different things.  These are those thingies that are used 
by people who sort a lot of paper and need stickier fingers.  Not the 
stuff you rub your fingers into to make them sticky.  They're rubber 
pieces that slip over the end of your finger.  Worth a try if 
stickiness (or lack thereof) is part of the problem.

Have you asked the manufacturer for ideas?
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