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[IP] Yet another reason to be thankful...

This should bring hope for you parents of youngsters with T1. I found this on 
Yahoo Health Headlines.

Regards and may everyone on this list have a blessed Thanksgiving,
 - Gil   8-)

Wednesday November 22 6:52 PM ET
Gene Therapy May Provide Cure for Type 1 Diabetes 

By Suzanne Rostler

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A team of researchers has cured type 1 diabetes 
in rodents using gene therapy. Their findings pave the way for similar 
studies in people.

``The technique may eventually apply to humans to cure diabetes,'' Dr. Ji-Won 
Yoon told Reuters Health.

Yoon and colleagues from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea and the University 
of Calgary in Alberta, Canada used a gene that coded for an insulin-like 
molecule and injected it into diabetic rats and mice.

Once in the body, the gene integrated into the DNA in liver cells, and the 
product of the gene acted like insulin, regulating blood sugar for about 8 
months, according to the report in the November 23rd issue of Nature.

The gene was activated automatically by glucose in the blood. When blood 
glucose levels were normal, the gene shut itself off. When blood glucose was 
high, the gene was activated, Yoon explained.

Insulin is the hormone that controls blood sugar, but people with type 1 
diabetes do not produce enough insulin to keep levels stable. As a result 
they depend on injections of synthetic insulin.

While the study points to a way to put the disease in remission without 
insulin injections, trials in humans are a long way off, Yoon said in an 
interview. The researchers will first test the gene in dogs or monkeys, he 

SOURCE: Nature 2000;408:483-488. 
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