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Re: [IP] Re: basal pattern question

On 22 Nov 2000, at 14:49, Keith Johnson wrote:

> Recentlhy wombn asked:
> > What pattern will my Minimed 508 use to give me that .3 [basal rate]?
> > 
> > .1 every 20 minutes? or .2 at the top of the hour and .1 at the
> > bottom?  speaking in old-fashioned round-clock terms :-)
> It'll be 0.1 unit every 20 minutes. Basals always come in 0.1 unit
> increments with the MiniMeds. Which is a bit tricky for those of us who
> don't use much. I should probably be at 0.15 in the morning, but can only
> get 0.1 or 0.2. I realize I could get creative by doing 0.1 for an hour,

exactly.  Which is why I later sent a question about patterns.  Cuz 
I think the .3 is gonna end up being too much. It's a 50% increase 
and my bgs haven't gone *that* high today during my basal test.  It 
started at 106, went up to 127 and I gave a .2 bolus and now it's 
117.  I dunno.  Maybe .3 for a few hours really would be the right 

> then 0.2 for an hour, but I'm far too lazy to program that much. I'd rather
> just have an extra cookie in mid-morning.    :-)
> I wonder how many young readers understand where "the top of the hour" came
> from? Or how "clockwise" got defined the way it did? For that matter, how
> many of you know why clocks (the old ones with hands) move in the clockwise
> direction they do? (Remember, it's an astronomer asking...)

hmmmmmmmm  guessing here...... Is it because when you're 
facing north that's the direction the sky moves?
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