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Re: [IP] support groups

In a message dated 11/21/00 11:18:18 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I went to a support group tonight that I help start.  It made me feel
 worse than before I went.  There was another pumper there she was a
 type2. I told her I some times didn't eat breakfast that was the wrong
 thing to say.  She said I had to eat breakfast because if I waited to
 eat <snip> >>

Hey -- don't let other people's personal hangups bother you. Although I know 
it does. I'm about to kill my father, a relatively new DX who hasn't quite 
figured out the difference between type 1 and type 2 yet, is here, busily 
telling me how I should be eating.   

He's looking at the stuff I'm making (this is dessert-baking day; not 
dinner-making day) and telling me I shouldn't be fixing this and that. I 
finally told him that I would put food on the table and he was welcome to eat 
"healthy." The rest of us were going to have Thanksgiving dinner. LOL

As far as I know, he's tested once since he arrived yesterday afternoon and I 
had to help him get blood out of his finger. So far, all I've said is that my 
doctor is happy with my numbers and thinks I'm doing just fine. May be a nice 
mantra for you to repeat, too.

Jan and Elvis
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