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[IP] Re: Over treating

I also am "guilty" of overtreting - My A1C has consistently been in the 
non-diabetic range. One of the reasons I went on the pump one year ago was to 
try to not have as many readings in the under 50 range. I have been somewhat 
successful but still found that over 60% of the time - especially after 
dinner, before dinner and sometimes after breakfast - my bg was too low 
(under 60). I have been working with a nurse educator from MM for the past 3 
months and the goal has been to avoid lows and treat the highs when the 
occur. I have been trying to be less aggressive - waiting for 3-4 hours after 
a meal (unless close to 200) before correcting - it has been very frustrating 
as I find it hard to allow myself to stay over 150 after a meal, even though 
I know that I will usually go to under 100 within a few hours. I even have 
been trying to go into a meal at 100 when it happens rather than  give a 
little extra so I can start a meal under 85. I have been really trying, and 
have been a little successful. So, I guess, with support you probably can get 
there!  E-mail me privately, if you want to extend this line. Brynn  
email @ redacted
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